Effective treatment healthy teeth

Effective treatment healthy teeth

Effective treatment healthy teeth

A healthy mouth and healthy teeth are essential to a healthy body. The high concentration of oxygen in BlueM oral care products make them the best to ensure healthy teeth and gums!

Research reveals that oral health affects the overall health of a person. Inflamed gums, or periodontitis can potentially lead to a heart attack or stroke and also has an impact on your kidneys. The maintenance of a healthy mouth is very important in having a healthy body!

Active oxygen

Oxygen has been used to promote the healing of wounds in medicine for  more than one hundred years. Since  the sixties, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has
been used successfully in the Netherlands,  after heart surgery, for example, and in  other case of life-threatening infection with  anaerobic organisms.
Lives or limbs can often be saved. Experiences of health professionals have also been conducted with topical oral oxygen therapy in dentistry with great results.

BlueM oral care products are the best oral care products for the maintenance of healthy gums and provide you with a long-lasting fresh breath. The secret is the use of active oxygen:

  • Prevents and repairs inflammations
  • Accelerates the healing process of wounds and oral ulcers in the mouth
  • Eliminates bad bacteria
  • Stimulates the blood flow through the formation of blood vessels
  • Stimulates bone regeneration

BlueM toothpaste and mouthwash

The unique BlueM products are specially developed by a team of dentists and implantologists, under the leadership of Dr. Blijdorp. To take care of your teeth and gums Dr. Blijdorp advices to brush twice a day with BlueM toothpaste and rinse with BlueM mouthwash to remove the remaining bad bacteria.

BlueM toothpaste

Advantages BlueM toothpaste:

  • Contains a high concentration of natural oxygen
  • Eliminates bad bacteria
  • Contains no scouring ingredients
  • Penetrates deep into the tissues  

Use BlueM toothpaste in combination with BlueM mouthwash to ensure the best care for a healhy smile!

BlueM mouthwash


Advantages BlueM mouthwash:

  • Reaches places where your toothbrush can’t
  • Alcohol-free – not drying out the mouth
  • Prevents receding gums
  • Contains a neutral pH-value

> Do you want long-lasting fresh breath? Do you often suffer from a sore throat? Try BlueM mouth spray, simple to use and easy take with you everywhere! Purchase BlueM mouth spray today!

Don’t wait and ask your dental professionalfor BlueM: for healthy teeth.