Flowable resin, radiopaque, pink (light-cured) Umbruella flow Flowable pink radiopaque composite (Light cured) Umbruella flow by viarden is a flowable composite with mimetic characteristics to the gum for its pink color and fully radiopaque.
With its fluid consistency, it allows to perfectly set into the contours of the implant-prosthetic attachments. This characteristic allows Umbruella Flow the proper shaping of peri-implant tissue, with the formation of an emergent profile and a perfect biological seal within the tissues. It also contributes to improve the health of this tissues with a less probability of infiltration and perimplantitis. In combination with prosthetic components, Umbrella flow by VIARDEN LAB, allows to adapt and personalize each soft tissue and implant area. Its radiopacity allows to monitor the depth and the close contact with the internal tissues of the perimplantar complex. Its pink color allows to clearly identify the rehabbed zones on the formation of the emerging profile.
As it is a light cured composite, it gives a good working time, because of this it can be used immediately after the implant or few months later before an impression for the final restoration.
It does not need a finishing polish.

Instructions for use

1.- Tear a drop before using the syringe.
2.- Perfectly sanitize all the implant.
3.- Stop the bleeding of the area to be treated.
4.- Detoxify the working zone. (BlueM gel is recommended on this procedure)
5.- Gradually place Umbrella Flow by VIARDEN LAB over the implant with the right amount for the 360° area of the biological seal.
6.- Light cure for 60 seconds.
7.- Remove any excess with a scalp blade if necessary.
8.- Place it directly over the zone of the implant conformation area.
An emerging profile former is highly recommended, for a better result of Umbrella Flow.
Its working time allows a complete material use, thus avoiding the material waste or over contouring the implants.


It is the implantologist responsibility the use of one disposable tip per patient.
If there is a big area to be treated (molar area) the light curing by layers is recommended. Not leaving any rough surface will prevent the bacteria biofilm proliferation.
There is no tissue adverse reaction reported. CAUTION:

  • Do not use the composite on contaminated surgical wounds.
  • Do not mix with another fluid composite.
  • Do not store over 22°C (71 F).