HELYICAINE Benzocaine 20%

HELYICAINE Benzocaine 20%

Helyicaine is a powerful topical anesthetic that takes effect immediately on contact with the mucous membranes and lasts from 5 to 10 minutes, achieving the necessary anesthesia in some procedures.


- Extractions of temporary teeth about to be exfoliated. - Relief in discomfort caused by irritation of plates or bridges. - Reduces pain in the application of local anesthetic. - In any procedure that requires superficial anesthesia.


ake the product with a cotton swab or any other type of applicator and place it in the desired place, its effect is immediate.


Jar with 30 gr. gel avalaible on 5 different flavors: Mango, Cherry, Grape, Bubble Gum and Mint. Spray with 100ml. available on 2 different flavors: Cherry and Bubble Gum.